Tin Supplier for Artisans and the Industry

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The need for tin has been growing steadily in recent years. Artisans and industries are among the major users. Pure tin and tin-based alloys are used in various applications, such as soldering or brazing, optimising the performance of lead-acid batteries, creating anti-friction alloys, etc. Metaconcept is a supplier of tin for artisans and industry.

Tin supply for industry and artisans

Tin is a malleable and ductile metal known for its silver-grey colour. It is considered a rare metal as it is only present in limited quantities in the earth’s crust. Tin has its own specific characteristics. It is resistant to corrosion when exposed to fresh and salt water. When exposed to air, it oxidises slowly. Furthermore, tin has a melting temperature of 232°C, which is lower than that of other metals. Tin also has good electrical conductivity. For these many reasons, it is widely used for soldering and brazing as well as for soldering electrical components.

There are many industries that need to source this metal. If you are looking for a supplier of tin to the trade and industry, choose Metaconcept. We offer a wide range of tin and solder alloys. The products we offer are available in various profiles, such as ingots, rods, bars, wire, anodes, pellets and granules.

Different Applications of Tin

The pure tin and tin alloys offered by Metaconcept, supplier of tin for artisans and industry, are intended for various sectors of activity. Industries and craftsmen/artisans use them in various applications due to their corrosion resistance, high fusibility, wettability and ability to form various types of alloys. Among the most widely used tin-based alloys are copper-tin alloys, also called bronze, and lead-tin alloys. They account for three quarters of the world’s tin consumption.

Lead-tin alloys, also known as tinplate, are used by industry in particular for the manufacture of food and beverage cans. The food industry favours them because of their food quality and better resistance. In the automotive and aeronautical industries, tinplate is used to manufacture cylinder head gaskets, radiators, oil filters, tanks, etc. In mechanical engineering, the metal is used to make sintered parts, bearings, pumps, etc.

The electronics industry uses tin for the manufacture of screens, printed circuits, connections, etc. Tin-lead alloys are also used in soldering and brazing because of their strength and lower melting point.

Why choose Metaconcept as a tin supplier for your business?

Metaconcept is a supplier of pewter to the trade and industry. We offer alloys that meet food standards and are designed for the food industry. For the automotive sector, Metaconcept’s pewter and its alloys are used for the manufacture of pistons, gears, rotors, fins, moulds, fans… The quality of manufacture also allows it to be used for applications in the construction, aeronautics and space, design and conception, electromechanics, energy, fashion and jewellery, medical, naval and railway sectors and others.

Metaconcept is an environmentally committed supplier as the tin and alloys it offers are derived from a recycling process. For more information, request our brochures or contact our team of experts via our contact form.


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