Tin foil and tin ribbon are used in various applications. For tin foil and tin ribbon – your metaconcept supplier offers you quality products that are suitable for your production processes.

Tin, a metal used in various alloys

Tin is a chemical element of the crystallogen family. A highly crystallised silver-grey metal, tin is malleable and moderately ductile at room temperature.

This metal is used in various alloys, such as laminates. Rolled products are tin-based alloys in the form of sheets, plates, discs or ribbons, with or without a pickling agent incorporated.

These products are typically used in the manufacture and repair of heat exchangers, packaging and labelling, goldsmithing, etc.

Waste from the uses of tin foil can be recovered. The manufacture of tin foil requires the standard Sn95 Sb4 Cu1 alloy. Tin foil is kept in permanent stock and packed in wooden boxes to protect it from scratching.

If you are looking for solutions for tableware applications, pewter foil will meet your needs. These foils comply with the EN 611-1:1995 standard and are also available in pure pewter. If you are interested in solutions for non-food applications, a complete range of tin-lead alloy foils is available.

Applications of foils and tapes

Tin foils and tapes are used in various applications. Tin foil is manufactured in accordance with food standards and is most often used for packaging and preserving foodstuffs. They are also used for packaging and labelling. The contact between the tin foil and the food does not present any health risk for consumers.

In addition, these products are generally used for the manufacture and repair of heat exchangers, goldsmithing, etc.

For tin strips or rolls, they are in most cases offered in coils. Alloys with a high lead content can be rolled down to 0.125 mm. For alloys with a high tin content, they can be used to make strips up to 0.030 mm thick.

Depending on the alloy, the tape or roll can weigh up to 35 kg. The standard width is 140 mm or less. Tin ribbon is widely used in the solar panel manufacturing industry. Due to its better electrical conductivity, it forms, together with the copper wire, a ribbon connecting the solar cells to each other. The tin ribbon carries the electricity produced by the cells to the junction boxes. The soldering is also based on tin.

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