Magmaweld™ Welding Products

Magmaweld™ Welding Products

MAGMAWELD™, an Oerlikon Kaynak brand


The METACONCEPT Group is now the exclusive distributor in France of MAGMAWELD™welding products and materials. Designed and manufactured by Oerlikon Kaynak (member of the EWA), MAGMAWELD™welding products and materials meet the demands of key manufacturing industries such as transportation, chemical, petrochemical, machinery, mechanical, food, agriculture, construction, cement and power generation equipment.

All these products are manufactured in accordance with the strictest international directives and standards.

To meet the demands of manufacturers and distributors, we strive to:

  • Have products and materials regularly tested by national certification bodies
  • Offer environmentally-friendly welding solutions
  • Guarantee permanent stock and fast delivery
  • Provide a reactive and easily contactable after-sales service

MAGMAWELD™ products and materials


Electrical welding stations

  • TIG
  • MIG

The stations incorporate the latest PFC technology and comply with CE regulations.

Automation and mechanisms

  • Welding booms
  • Rotator units
  • Positioning devices
  • Circular welding systems
  • Oxy-fuel cutting benches
  • Seam welder

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METACONCEPT Group the official distributor France of MAGMAWELD